Why GSS?

GSS operates with the belief that our clients deserve an integrated, tailored and adaptable solutions provider that works around the clock to provide them with tailored services to help them achieve their goals. This is exactly what we offer you.

At GSS, we believe in providing solutions rather than simply selling our products and services. As a testimony to this, in Iraq, we were approached by a client to develop both temperature controlled warehousing and residential facilities for a new logistics centre in a high-risk environment. GSS was uniquely qualified for this project due to our capability to design, build and operate all facilities. We partnered closely with our client to develop the right solution within their budget. As the client’s operation was commercial, this included meeting with prospective clients to understand their unique facility and security arrangements, which were factored into the overall design.

Our people

GSS is not a faceless organisation. Our hard-working, skilled and resourceful people set us apart. When you partner with GSS, you will come to know the diverse faces of our company well. These are the people that will take every measure to intimately understand your needs and go the extra mile to fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations, every single time.

Our culture

As your single point of contact, GSS can guarantee a consistency of approach, compliance and hassle-free collaboration. Our unwavering commitment to our values, Code of Business Conduct and local and international laws and regulations, as well as our CSR initiatives, our focus on developing the local workforce and our strong corporate governance, ensures that you will be partnering with a socially responsible and ethical company.

Our global parent company

GSS is also able to draw upon the strength of its parent company, BMMI. Operating for over 135 years, with sales exceeding $300M annually, we have developed a host of complimentary business operations that set us aside from the competition.

From wholesome “home away from home” meals served in remote locations, to high-end dining in BMMI’s own Alto lounge. From small camp shops selling basic essentials to our own premium supermarket. From providing operation and maintenance on remote camps to full facilities management in shopping malls and high-rise towers in the Middle East.

Our Integrated Management System

The BMMI Group is also responsible for the development, application, and effectiveness of standards for Quality, Health and Safety, Food Safety, the Environment, and Business Continuity at BMMI and all of its subsidiary companies, including GSS. To that end, BMMI operates under an Integrated Management System (IMS), which integrates five major internationally accredited certifications for its systems:

  • ISO 9001:2015
    Quality management systems
  • ISO 45001:2018
    Occupational health and safety management systems
  • ISO 14001:2015
    Environmental management systems
  • ISO 22000:2018
    Food safety management systems
  • ISO 22301:2019
    Business continuity management systems

The Group strongly believes in the development of systems that support its contracts and subsidiary operations, as well as protect its people, customers and the environment. A dedicated IMS ensures that our internationally accredited standards are prioritised and successfully implemented in BMMI and GSS.

GSS has the flexibility and internal support to deliver, no matter what the size, budget, location and complexity of our customers’ requirements are, relying on its extensive network, talented employees and globally recognised standards.