Think Local

Think Local is one of our key CSR initiatives. From an initial concept related to sourcing fresh and local produce in the countries we operate in, Think Local has rapidly gained stature to become an integral part of GSS’ regional and global aspirations.

Local employment remains a key component of our CSR strategy. GSS provides work opportunities to the local market, thereby making a significant contribution to our communities. We are proud that an impressive 96% of our employees in Africa are locals, proving our commitment to developing and retaining the local workforce.

We also invest significantly in the education and training of our people, for both professional and personal development. This builds local talent that not only benefits GSS but also the economic development in each of the countries in which we operate.

This is why we started the GSS Training Academy. Over the years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t, leading us to establish an in-house academy to train new and existing employees. The academy travels to each of our contract sites in order to ensure that every single member of our team receives the training they need to succeed and excel. Our diverse curriculum includes both formal training in a classroom-type setting, but also practical training on the field and experiential learning. Having access to such opportunities keeps the team driven and motivated, thus maintaining our competitive advantage of delivering exceptional service.

Ghana – In support of our “Think Local” approach, GSS was awarded with a €74,000 financial contribution from the ‘Swedish International Development Agency’ to support the integration of low-income farmers into commercial agricultural supply chains. By building farmers’ skills, providing them with agricultural inputs and linking them to markets, this inclusive business venture will build commercially viable supply chains that benefit around 300 low-income farmers living in the vicinity of mines and oil drilling installations.

Mali – GSS has provided local farmers with seeds for fruits and vegetables to grow around mining areas. This enabled GSS to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables to cater to our clients in remote sites and also allows farmers to sell their produce in the local market. Additionally, we also supplied farmers with motorised pipes to irrigate their fields and increase their annual production. This initiative has helped contribute towards stabilising the local economic system in the long term.