Supply Chain & Logistics

GSS provides supply chain and logistics solutions for all categories of products, including the warehousing and movement of bulk, containerised, heavy lift and temperature controlled products, across international boundaries.

We believe that the supply chain is the backbone of everything we do, either in support of our own operations or those of our clients. As such, we have invested into facilities and systems that support our operations, yet constantly offer the flexibility to meet individual clients’ requirements.

Sourcing & Supply

Food Products

We are also the source of temperature sensitive food products in support of military, governmental, NGO and commercial clients in the Middle East and Africa. Utilising a multi-model approach, GSS has supported food supply in contingent and active war zones, while maintaining full product integrity throughout the supply chain, so that it arrives fresh for hungry mouths on the sharp end.

We have trading agreements in place with major suppliers and are able to process requirements through varied consolidation capabilities within a short span of time.

Technical Products

Through partnerships with major international manufacturers and wholesalers, GSS offers one-stop sourcing and procurement of industrial hardware, equipment and spare parts. We have access to over one million line items of branded and non-branded products, including:

  • Adhesives
  • Hardware
  • Test instruments
  • Pneumatics & hydraulics
  • Electrical
  • Janitorial & painting
  • Motors & power transmission
  • Pumps & plumbing
  • Fasteners
  • Lighting
  • Cables
  • Security
  • Material handling
  • Safety
  • Tools

Preferred and comprehensive supplier agreements in all major markets allow our dedicated team to match up customer requirements with a manufacturer’s part number, sometimes within hours. We then ship to remote locations, expediting the order within 48 hours. Our suppliers cover all aspects of technical supply and demand, no matter how big or small.