Integrated Facilties Management

Whether you call it life support or remote site services, our goal is to deliver quality of life where it’s needed most. We achieve this by integrating our range of facility management services into a tailor-made solution designed to meet your needs – even in the most challenging environments. GSS will be your singular resource and fulfil all your requirements from start to finish, taking full responsibility for planning, designing, procuring, optimising, operating and maintaining your facilities.

GSS fully comprehends your wide-ranging needs and orchestrates a comprehensive suite of solutions to support you in attaining your goals. We truly cover the spectrum, from the provision of meals to a range of ancillary services, which includes housekeeping, laundry retail shops leisure requirements and operation and maintenance of grounds and facilities.

Currently, GSS supports major international clients in the oil & gas and mining sectors, in addition to managing a portfolio of facilities that includes shopping malls, logistics centres, high-rise office buildings, embassies, and military bases.

For example, we are currently executing a full turnkey project to design, build and operate a commercial residential facility on behalf of a client, providing full port and logistics solutions to international organisations.

Camp Design and Temporary Structures

Quite often, those that design camps and facilities are not aware of the operating difficulties, and in many instances, design is left to those that are selling the facilities and equipment.

As an operator of camps and facilities, GSS understands the challenges associated with such a facility, and we are well placed to it is designed with an optimum operating budget and efficiency built in, helping you reduce cost and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.

With GSS, you can get the best of both worlds.

Whether it is accommodation in Africa, or a mess hall in Iraq, the solution is GSS’ adaptable and integrated approach. Collaborating with trusted and thoroughly vetted long-time partners, GSS works with clients to handle every aspect and requirement to get their camp assembled the way they envisioned it.

Relying on our own extensive expertise, in combination with the capabilities of our entrusted partners, we design, source, ship and fully integrate the provision of temporary structures for accommodation, kitchens, messing, recreation, offices and retail.

GSS operations combined

Total number of meals served per day 5415
Total number of beds made per day 1452
Total No. of sites we operate in 55