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The BMMI Group, GSS’ parent company, continues its sustainable support to South Sudan NGO

28th October 2020

Continuing its sustainable support of the South Sudan non-governmental organisation, Confident Children out of Conflict, the BMMI Group, GSS’ parent company, has donated a brick making machine to the NGO’s orphanage, as well as funded the education of over 20 children.

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) advocates for the protection of girls from exploitation and provides psychosocial and educational support, as well as shelter, to vulnerable children, youth and women.

Last year, BMMI contributed to the organisation’s educational outreach programme. This year, BMMI continued its support for 20 students, in addition to other children under the education programme. The nominated students include a mix attending nursery school, secondary school and the Kampala University College.

BMMI’s team was also able to secure funds to cover the cost of an imported brick making machine, in addition to the cost of a trainer to guide the CCC team on its use.

This month, CCC was forced to leave its current site for a new location where the NGO can expand the number of children it houses from 120 to 250 children.  Major construction work is needed to build dormitories, a kitchen, a clinic, classrooms, offices and more.

The machine BMMI donated will be used to make bricks from local materials for the construction work. The machine will also be used to make bricks for sale in the local market to provide sustainable income for CCC, as well as to provide employment and training opportunities in construction for the children at the orphanage.

The donation of the machine falls in line with BMMI’s focus on creating strategic donations with long term impact, said BMMI CSR Partner, Reem Altajer.

“The brick making machine will not only help build the new CCC premises, creating more opportunities to accommodate students and improved facilities, but also helps generate income, as well as skills development for the students,” she said. “This multifaceted approach to positive impact is perfectly in line with BMMI’s CSR vision.”

The brick machine and financial support provided by BMMI will play a key role in helping the NGO achieve their goals, said CCC Director, Helen Murshali Boro.

“Because of BMMI’s generosity, the financial burden placed on CCC will be reduced,” she added. “We can now spend more meaningful time caring and providing improved services to the vulnerable children we support. The brick making machine will especially help us achieve more of our mission, and we are truly grateful for BMMI’s investment towards CCC and the future of our children.”

Gregory White, Senior Manager of Performance and HR at BMMI’s subsidiary Global Sourcing and Supply, was heavily involved in the initiative to secure support for CCC. “This enduring support that will help the future of CCC and the children in a sustainable way is what CSR is all about! We are glad we had the opportunity to make a meaningful impact that will help improve the livelihood of these children for years to come,” he said.

The donation of the machine and the continued funding of the children’s education is in line with BMMI’s commitment to further support vulnerable communities in the countries it operates in as the world continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic that has further impacted those in need.