Global Sourcing & Supply

Supporting learning in South Sudan

12th September 2020

BMM, GSS’ parent company, has been supporting the Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC), an NGO in South Sudan, through sponsoring the education of students, amongst other initiatives.

CCC advocates for the protection of girls from exploitation and provides psychosocial support for vulnerable children, youth and women. Operating out of Juba, CCC provides educational support, shelter for children and psychosocial support to survivors of violence.

One of the ways BMMI contributes to CCC is through supporting the NGO’s educational outreach programme by sponsoring the education of students. Due to the current situation with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have been closed.

To ensure the children at CCC do not experience disruption to their learning, the NGO utilised funds from BMMI to hire three teachers for three months for three subjects: Maths, English and General Science.

This latest initiative falls in line with BMMI’s commitment to contribute positively to the communities in the countries of operation.