Global Sourcing & Supply

Yousif Salem visits Ghana

15th May 2016

Following his successful visit to some of our African operations last year, Bahrain-based Yousif Salem, IT Network Administrator, recently flew down to GSS Ghana for another IT support visit!

Last September and October, Yousif visited BMMI Djibouti and GSS Ghana for the first time. This time around, Yousif visited to support GSS Ghana’s move into a new office. “I was mainly there for a quick audit to oversee the work of the third-party service provider. I had a meeting with them to make sure everything was running smoothly and up to our standards,” he said.

Yousif tested all the machines and all devices connected to the servers. Overall, Yousif had a very productive trip, ensuring that everything was running as smoothly in the new office as it was in the old one.

Since joining BMMI last year, Yousif has already been to Djibouti, Ghana and Iraq and is looking forward to more visits to our international operations in the future. Thank you Yousif for continuing to show great initiative and building excellent communication skills between BMMI headquarters and our teams in Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East, in order to solve critical IT related issues!