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GSS Sudan wins a contract!

30th September 2015

The GSS Sudan team has put their sweat, determination and hard effort into their work over the past six months to ensure they secured a contract with a cement management company. After long meetings and endless amounts of time following up, we are proud to inform you that GSS Sudan is now in partnership with one of the leading cement factories in Sudan, Altakamol.

Located in Atbra, which is the north of Sudan, GSS will be providing catering services to all employees at the location, including visitors. The contract amounts to an average of 300 man-days, providing all three meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The team were put under a probationary period of one month, where their services were put to the test, and because of their amazing work, they passed with flying colours and were offered the contract on September 10. As with every job, there are areas of improvement, especially as the team has been focused on catering to clients in the oil sector. However, after discussion and working around the new clients’ requirements, the team was able to pick up their requests within hours, a process which would most likely usually take days.

“This contract is a new step into a new stream of clientele, where we diversify our base to reduce risk of focusing on single sector service. From here, we hope to increase our reputation and gain more clients that focus on different production lines,” said Sales Assistant, Abubaker Hamid Osman. “Although our core service is catering, it is great to see us spread our wings and cater to those outside of the oil industry. Winning this contract is a result of the trust and teamwork from all GSS employees. This contract would not be awarded without their support.”