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GSS South Sudan pushes through!

16th November 2016

With South Sudan going through significant changes, our GSS team in the country has had to adapt, with our operations also going through a number of transitions.

Our GSS South Sudan office, which is currently located in the Residents Compound (RC), will shortly move to a new and improved home! The new area is an open office space with an expanded and pleasant reception. All our employees are excited about the move and are hoping to transition into the new office within the next three weeks!

As a result of the move, the Maintenance Department, which is led by Parag Raut, is working tirelessly to ensure that everything is fixed and completed in time.  Project Coordinator, Rita Gakuo, had some kind words to share about the team. “Parag and his team are working extremely hard, and have succeeded in all tasks that have been set for them, even when the odd curve ball is thrown at them, the work is carried out to an extremely high standard.”

Moreover, the French saying “an army marches on its stomach” is very appropriate for the GSS South Sudan team, as taking on extra personnel means they have more mouths to feed. Head Chef, Steve Agesa, and Assistant Head Chef, Khalil Rahman, developed an enhanced programme to enable the team to offer a selection of food from an à la carte menu, whilst also offering a selection of hotplate choices.

In addition, although the team are awaiting on a new Housekeeping Manager to join, they continue to prove they can still go from strength to strength. The additional personnel means extra washing for our employees in the laundry, but they make no excuses and never fail to deliver. They have always ensured on providing a first class service, down to the finest personal touches, with a smile on their faces.

Furthermore, Food and Beverage Manager, Jason Madoo, has relocated to Nairobi, Kenya, allowing Robert Nyaboro to take over his position. Robert joined as the new manager at a very busy time, coinciding with the team working on two high-profile functions, the USMC Marine Ball and a Thanksgiving event. However, Jason found his footing and managed to motivate and assist the team, ensuring that they are well equipped for the events to run smoothly and successfully!

These are difficult and testing times in South Sudan for everyone, yet all the employees have not let this get to them and have performed exceptionally. Rita ended with words of motivation, “with the high standards that we set ourselves here in Juba, I pay credit to my team, for the way we carry on, regardless of everything!”