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GSS in the parade!

31st May 2017

As always, the first of May is a festive public holiday in Gabon and a great opportunity for people to celebrate in a massive festivity of the country’s labour force.

This year, GSS Gabon once again celebrated with the crowd, with 220 participants from GSS taking part. It was a fantastic day, filled with smiles and laughter as the event ended with a party for our client, Maurel and Prom, which the team organised.

An important event in the Gabonese calendar, May Day celebrates the workers and addresses labour issues in the country. This was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our long service employees, and award them with medals. Fifteen medals were distributed to our employees – 14 individuals had offered 10 years of service and were handed a bronze medal, and one employee who received a gold medal for being with the company for 20 years.

The team also celebrated the retirement of 2 of our dedicated employees, Jean Bosco, who served almost 10 years and Jeanne Pierrette, who has been with us for almost 12 years.

Thank you all for your dedicated service. Until next year!