GSS Ghana displays excellent performance

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GSS Ghana displays excellent performance

19th November 2014

The Ghana team has done a great job catering for the Lincoln School since the official start of the contract on the 1st of August.

The school’s 2014 to 2015 academic year features a series of programmes and events that includes the parent, teacher and student orientations, board meetings, academic group get-togethers and many other events.

During these programmes, our GSS team has always been called upon to provide food services, with customers acknowledging the quality of food and high level of professionalism exhibited.

Students and teachers alike have applauded the variety of meals provided so far, which cater to the diverse tastes of the Lincoln School community. Parents have commended GSS for how their wards have been treated and the healthy options provided.

“With a kitchen and eight outlets running, we provide the Lincoln Community School the best variety of coffee, continental dishes, cold and hot pastries, cookies and much more,” said Colin Mason, GSS Ghana Country Manager.

We are proud to see our team’s continuous efforts in delivering quality of life where it’s needed most!