GSS Bahrain wins hearts

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GSS Bahrain team wins hearts and minds

16th October 2019

Several members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognsied for their exceptional work and dedication.

Within less than a month of an inter-department transfer, Subhash Kunnath worked round the clock to ensure the maximum fill of customer orders, which helped close the month of August with high value sales. This is particularly commendable as his colleagues were on leave and he single-handedly managed supplier and local market purchases. During this period, he also multitasked to support other parts of the division.

Tanvi Bhatia also showed exceptional team spirit in supporting the Customer Service department. She effectively managed ground staff issues and ensured stock availability is maintained, often working weekends to support the division. She was recognised in appreciation of her efforts in going the extra mile and the flexibility shown at times of need.

Both Iris Calizo and Manielyn Quidato also showed exceptional organisational skills in completing invoicing week by week, working late hours and weekends, and supporting technical department invoicing in the process. They were self-motivated and helped the department close an invoice of very high value.

Sudhakar Yatakarla, known as the ‘Yes Man’ is always willing to take on additional tasks handed over to him, and he has been extremely supportive at the times of crunch at NEX operations. He worked break shifts and managed deliveries to remote locations single-handedly. This is to appreciate the team spirit and flexibility he has displayed throughout the month of August.

Congratulations team and keep up the great work!