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GSS Bahrain donates stock to Sitra canteen

29th February 2016

With a number of our operations heavily involved in the food industry, the issue of waste is especially relevant to our business, as you might have learned in our previous article: ‘combating food waste’.

This year, the CSR team is committed to profiling and targeting the most wasted food items in its supermarkets by category and volume. By collaborating with our fresh and friendly Alosra supermarket, the team has been reaching out to local charities and is challenged to devise a plan to divert any food waste in the most effective manner. Nonetheless, this is an ongoing process and will be a core focus of BMMI’s 2016 strategic CSR Action Plan.

In line with this initiative, the team was also happy to learn about GSS Bahrain’s proactive approach to avoiding food waste. The GSS Bahrain team recently donated surplus stock to the Sitra Canteen. “This is something that simply makes good business sense. In order to support in the reduction of food waste, donating the excess stock back into the business ensures that we are operating in a holistic manner,” says Charles Swamy, Sales Manager of GSS Bahrain.

This is not the first time the GSS Bahrain team has supported the Sitra canteen, in 2015, a similar donation was made including frozen food items, spices, condiments and other canned food items.

We hope that everyone in the business has the same mind-set when it comes to this issue and understands the destructive implications behind any form of waste. If you have any ideas to help reduce waste, contact the CSR team to turn your idea into reality!