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Fostering fairness in the workplace

14th July 2016

Fairness shouldn’t be something that we strive for in the workplace. Fairness should be the norm, the standard and just like any basic human need, it should be a given. With uncontrolled biases and unhealthy competition, fairness at work is now truly rare. Nonetheless, any progressive organisation is able to pinpoint the deeply rooted issues in its corporate culture in order to identify ways to tackle and transcend them.

At BMMI, we understand that there is a lot to be done when it comes to building an entirely inclusive and fair work environment. Therefore, because of the dedication and continuous support as well as implementation from top management, we have indeed come a long way and will continue to do so as we nurture our Winning Hearts culture.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of our ‘Corporate Areas of Focus’ for 2016 remains centered on our commitments to building and leveraging a diverse workplace. By focusing on fairness to foster an inclusive work environment, with higher levels of transparency, communication and leadership it enables us to deliver exceptional results every day. We will always go above and beyond to safeguard employees’ rights; whether that is through job security, safe working conditions, fair wages or so on.

How employees perceive the workplace and react to that perception profoundly affects factors such as physical and emotional wellbeing.

We encourage all our employees to build a sense of justice, commitment, loyalty and focus on their wellbeing. This is not only about how they are treated but also how others are being treated, including external groups directly affected by our operations. Consequently, through our CSR strategy we always strive to excel as a responsible corporate citizen through spreading awareness.

To help create a sustainable organisation’s success, we urge all our employees to:

  1. Be the example, strive for justice – treat your fellow colleagues with the upmost respect at all times
  2. Be mindful – fostering emotional resilience will reduce poor mental health and prevent unnecessary situations
  3. Trust in decision making authorities – our managers will always create an environment which will foster motivation
  4. Reflect on your work performance in order to constantly strive for improvement
  5. Engage in socially responsible behaviour
  6. Speak up! Contribute to organisational justice and never forget communicate!

If you have any doubts about the issues of fairness and how they are being addressed, share your thoughts with the Corporate Communications & CSR team by emailing us on