GSS Bahrain wins hearts

GSS Bahrain team wins hearts and minds

Several members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognsied for their exceptional work and dedication. Within less than a month of an inter-department transfer, Subhash Kunnath worked round the clock to ensure the maximum fill of customer orders, which helped close the month of August with high value sales. This is particularly commendable as […]

GSS Bahrain wins hearts

Members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognised for their hard work and received Winning Hearts awards from Commercial Manager, Rishi Sevak. Saabu Chamunni played a vital role in sourcing and negotiating product prices from multiple suppliers for 3 major projects, which were happening alongside each other. “His persistence and hard work is much appreciated, […]

GSS Bahrain team members were awarded Winning Hearts certificates

Members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognised with Winning Hearts awards at a small ceremony in the Sitra HQ. Not expecting to be awarded, Tareq Ahmed, Shane Balean and Sunil Kumar were called up and recognised for their hard work and efforts to ensure that the team pulled through, even with the absence […]

GSS Bahrain Customer Service team awarded!

Last month, we shared with you what an amazing job the GSS Bahrain Customer Service team did when they mobilised an entire project in 18 days, without a glitch! The team’s amazing display of team spirit was recently recognised by much-deserved Winning Hearts awards! Charles Swamy, GSS Sales Manager, presented the awards to Rumesh, Dipesh, […]

GSS mobilises NEX project in an incredible 11 days!

When the GSS Bahrain team galvanises around a project, they are truly unstoppable – no matter what the odds are! The team recently proved that determination, hard work, excellence and team spirit really do pay off when they won the bid for NEX (Navy Exchange). NEX is the family supermarket within the Navy Base in […]