Once upon a saga

BMMI Djibouti recently welcomed a true nomad to visit their premises for a short tour and to learn more about the country and its people. Torbjørn C. Pedersen, who goes by the name Thor, is in the process of writing a novel about his journey of travelling to every country in the world, without flight. […]

New Year, new BBQ

It’s a BMMI Djibouti tradition to hold a big BBQ bash for all employees to have fun outside of the office at the start of every year. This time around, the team had the great pleasure to invite GSS Vice President of Africa, Olivier Fricot and newcomer Deputy Country Manager, Yussury Kallouche. It was a […]

BMMI Djibouti sponsors the Grand-Bara desert marathon

Every year in December, one of BMMI Djibouti’s biggest customers, the French Forces (FFDJ), organise a fun and tiring marathon where participants cross the Grand Bara, one of Djibouti’s desert lakes. The marathon is 15km long, where everyone is able to participate regardless of their fitness levels. The sporting event is a great meeting spot […]

BMMI Djibouti is certified in Food Safety!

The hard work put in by the IMS and Djibouti teams, in preparation for the Stage Two audit for Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000:2005, in Djibouti was worth all the effort as the audit was successfully completed! In line with the company’s strategic goals of implementing this phase for the business, outside of Bahrain, […]

GSS Bahrain team members were awarded Winning Hearts certificates

Members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognised with Winning Hearts awards at a small ceremony in the Sitra HQ. Not expecting to be awarded, Tareq Ahmed, Shane Balean and Sunil Kumar were called up and recognised for their hard work and efforts to ensure that the team pulled through, even with the absence […]

BMMI Djibouti in the spotlight at AidEx Brussels

BMMI Djibouti recently took part in the AidEx Brussels exhibition to promote its humanitarian logistics. AidEx is the leading international event that is dedicated to the unique needs of development and aid professionals across the world. The two-day event is in its sixth year and is a great way to form relationships in the community, […]