GSS South Sudan English language training

GSS South Sudan English language training

Investing in the development of our people is crucial for expanding our competencies and ensuring that we remain competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace. As a joint training and CSR initiative, English language classes have been arranged for selected GSS South Sudan employees. Our training partner, Windle Trust International (WTI), is headquartered in Oxfordshire, England, […]

BMMI Djibouti provides employees with prescription eyeglasses

As part of their commitment to employee wellbeing and safety, BMMI Djibouti conducted medical examinations for employees and discovered that most warehouse employees and drivers suffered from pre-existing vision problems. Unfortunately, because the cost of eyewear is expensive in Djibouti, employees have been working without eyeglasses. This presents a huge risk to their own livelihoods […]

The Sustainable Development Goals

“The 2030 Agenda compels us to look beyond national boundaries and short-term interests and act in solidarity for the long-term…They are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success.” – Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon For those who are not familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they represent the United Nations’ effort […]

Fostering fairness in the workplace

Fairness shouldn’t be something that we strive for in the workplace. Fairness should be the norm, the standard and just like any basic human need, it should be a given. With uncontrolled biases and unhealthy competition, fairness at work is now truly rare. Nonetheless, any progressive organisation is able to pinpoint the deeply rooted issues […]

BMMI Djibouti helps those in need

Ramadan is a time for sharing and helping those in need, and our employees in Djibouti were spreading the love last month when they organised a donation drive. To show their support, the BMMI Djibouti team gathered non-perishable items such as rice and tea. Even under the harsh sun, they were determined to help with […]