A new commissary in Heglig, North Sudan

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A new commissary in Heglig, North Sudan

28th January 2015

GSS North Sudan has successfully opened a small commissary within the base camp in Heglig, Sudan. The project, which started last year, was completed in mid-December. The commissary aims to serve people at the camp and many other GSS contractors. “We have no commissaries within the area,” says Peter Zandvliet, GSS North Sudan Country Manager “We usually travel outside the camp to get essentials and everyday items. The new shop will definitely solve the issue and the supplies will be mainly imported from the retail shops in Khartoum and delivered all the way to the base camp in Heglig.”

The GSS team is already providing facilities management to the client at the camp and some of the staff are now being relocated to the serve the commissary.

Great job team! Stay tuned for more details in the next issue.