BMMI Djibouti celebrates continued success

Corporate Communications and Marketing recently had the pleasure of interviewing our BMMI Djibouti USAID Operations team. It was a fun filled session, celebrating the team’s successes. In a true display of team spirit, the group empathized on the importance of teamwork in guaranteeing success. Clearly, they were ecstatic about hitting their targets and the excellent […]

Vipin Sagar behind our GDP certification

Behind the scenes of our GDP certification

As many of you may be aware, BMMI Djibouti is the first in the Horn of Africa, and in the BMMI Group, to achieve certification for the Goods Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use 2013/C 323/01 EU (GDP). This is a major accomplishment for BMMI and will benefit the company greatly. However, for […]

BMMI Djibouti Yussury Kallouche

Fearless in the face of change

Packing nothing but a small suitcase, Yussury Kallouche, kissed his wife and young children goodbye with the hopes of coming back to his normal everyday life in Tunisia. The idea of staying in Djibouti longer than a couple of days was not appealing enough to bring his family along. However, being a strong believer in […]

BMMI Djibouti in the spotlight at AidEx Brussels

BMMI Djibouti recently took part in the AidEx Brussels exhibition to promote its humanitarian logistics. AidEx is the leading international event that is dedicated to the unique needs of development and aid professionals across the world. The two-day event is in its sixth year and is a great way to form relationships in the community, […]

BMMI Djibouti saves vaccines

Since the war started in Yemen in 2015, the need for medical equipment in the country has been on the rise. Djibouti, an hour away by chartered flights and 14 hours by dhows (small boats), would make the perfect location to have these vital supplies delivered on time. But where would they be stored? How […]