GSS South Sudan continues giving back to the community

Last month, the GSS South Sudan team visited orphanages to deliver food items and a message of hope to children in need. The South Sudan team managed to deliver various food items, including meat and snacks during their visits. The visits took place over two days, and the team was up and ready from the […]

Supporting the community

Our South Sudan team recently paid visits to two orphanages in Juba to donate a number of food items and meet the children there!

Supporting learning in South Sudan

BMM, GSS’ parent company, has been supporting the Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC), an NGO in South Sudan, through sponsoring the education of students, amongst other initiatives. CCC advocates for the protection of girls from exploitation and provides psychosocial support for vulnerable children, youth and women. Operating out of Juba, CCC provides educational support, […]

Djibouti team puts health and safety first

With an increase in the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Djibouti, our team has taken many measures to protect one another and various stakeholders, as well as to support the government in their fight against the virus. Being one of the largest players in the Djibouti Free Zone, BMMI made a donation of five […]

Team meets President of the Republic of Djibouti

The BMMI team recently had the honour of meeting the President of the Republic of Djibouti, H.E. Ismail Omar Guelleh, to discuss the Group’s presence in Djibouti over the past fifteen years, as well as BMMI’s ambitions and vision for expanding its business in the country and at the regional level. The meeting was part […]

GSS Bahrain wins hearts

GSS Bahrain team wins hearts and minds

Several members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognsied for their exceptional work and dedication. Within less than a month of an inter-department transfer, Subhash Kunnath worked round the clock to ensure the maximum fill of customer orders, which helped close the month of August with high value sales. This is particularly commendable as […]

Leading teams across countries of operation in today’s diversified world – an interview with Robert Smith, COO – Contracting and Logistics

Overseeing our international operations and various diverse teams and services across BMMI, Robert Smith, Chief Operating Officer – Logistics and Supply Chain, has experienced how the organisation and its people have grown and evolved over the years. The Corporate Communications and Marketing team recently sat down with Robert to learn more about BMMI’s diverse services […]

BMMI Djibouti celebrates continued success

Corporate Communications and Marketing recently had the pleasure of interviewing our BMMI Djibouti USAID Operations team. It was a fun filled session, celebrating the team’s successes. In a true display of team spirit, the group empathized on the importance of teamwork in guaranteeing success. Clearly, they were ecstatic about hitting their targets and the excellent […]

Vipin Sagar behind our GDP certification

Behind the scenes of our GDP certification

As many of you may be aware, BMMI Djibouti is the first in the Horn of Africa, and in the BMMI Group, to achieve certification for the Goods Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use 2013/C 323/01 EU (GDP). This is a major accomplishment for BMMI and will benefit the company greatly. However, for […]

BMMI Djibouti Yussury Kallouche

Fearless in the face of change

Packing nothing but a small suitcase, Yussury Kallouche, kissed his wife and young children goodbye with the hopes of coming back to his normal everyday life in Tunisia. The idea of staying in Djibouti longer than a couple of days was not appealing enough to bring his family along. However, being a strong believer in […]

GSS Kenya employees awarded

GSS Kenya employees shine

Our employees in GSS Kenya have gone the extra mile in the past few months in order to satisfy customers. Not only have they proven they can deal with customers in the correct way, but they continuously get the job done excellently, even with all the pressure put on them. Evans Kirigia, working at our […]

GSS South Sudan English language training

GSS South Sudan English language training

Investing in the development of our people is crucial for expanding our competencies and ensuring that we remain competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace. As a joint training and CSR initiative, English language classes have been arranged for selected GSS South Sudan employees. Our training partner, Windle Trust International (WTI), is headquartered in Oxfordshire, England, […]

GSS Bahrain wins hearts

Members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognised for their hard work and received Winning Hearts awards from Commercial Manager, Rishi Sevak. Saabu Chamunni played a vital role in sourcing and negotiating product prices from multiple suppliers for 3 major projects, which were happening alongside each other. “His persistence and hard work is much appreciated, […]

Once upon a saga

BMMI Djibouti recently welcomed a true nomad to visit their premises for a short tour and to learn more about the country and its people. Torbjørn C. Pedersen, who goes by the name Thor, is in the process of writing a novel about his journey of travelling to every country in the world, without flight. […]

New Year, new BBQ

It’s a BMMI Djibouti tradition to hold a big BBQ bash for all employees to have fun outside of the office at the start of every year. This time around, the team had the great pleasure to invite GSS Vice President of Africa, Olivier Fricot and newcomer Deputy Country Manager, Yussury Kallouche. It was a […]

BMMI Djibouti sponsors the Grand-Bara desert marathon

Every year in December, one of BMMI Djibouti’s biggest customers, the French Forces (FFDJ), organise a fun and tiring marathon where participants cross the Grand Bara, one of Djibouti’s desert lakes. The marathon is 15km long, where everyone is able to participate regardless of their fitness levels. The sporting event is a great meeting spot […]

BMMI Djibouti is certified in Food Safety!

The hard work put in by the IMS and Djibouti teams, in preparation for the Stage Two audit for Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000:2005, in Djibouti was worth all the effort as the audit was successfully completed! In line with the company’s strategic goals of implementing this phase for the business, outside of Bahrain, […]

GSS Bahrain team members were awarded Winning Hearts certificates

Members of the GSS Bahrain team were recently recognised with Winning Hearts awards at a small ceremony in the Sitra HQ. Not expecting to be awarded, Tareq Ahmed, Shane Balean and Sunil Kumar were called up and recognised for their hard work and efforts to ensure that the team pulled through, even with the absence […]

GSS South Sudan pushes through!

With South Sudan going through significant changes, our GSS team in the country has had to adapt, with our operations also going through a number of transitions. Our GSS South Sudan office, which is currently located in the Residents Compound (RC), will shortly move to a new and improved home! The new area is an […]

Mission accomplished!

Our BMMI Djibouti warehouse underwent a complete revamp recently and the team were working tirelessly to ensure it was a success. As part of the revamp, the Facilities Maintenance department set a comprehensive action plan in the month of June to prioritise tasks, setting a target of 180 days to complete it all. The mission […]

Indaba in Kenya

The annual Indaba meeting took place once again and this time it was held across borders in Nairobi, Kenya from October 3 to October 5. Our various country managers attended, with the focus of the meeting being on critical issues concerning strategies and budgets. The focus was on getting an overview of past success and failures […]

Winning Hearts in GSS Ghana!

Three employees in GSS Ghana recently received Winning Hearts awards to recognise their excellent work in managing a client’s restaurant and the Central Production Unit (CPU). Chef Landry Djossou was recognised for his innovative cafeteria menu, as well as his effective organisation of the staff at the CPU, where the preparation of local food takes […]

BMMI Djibouti provides employees with prescription eyeglasses

As part of their commitment to employee wellbeing and safety, BMMI Djibouti conducted medical examinations for employees and discovered that most warehouse employees and drivers suffered from pre-existing vision problems. Unfortunately, because the cost of eyewear is expensive in Djibouti, employees have been working without eyeglasses. This presents a huge risk to their own livelihoods […]

BMMI Djibouti helps those in need

Ramadan is a time for sharing and helping those in need, and our employees in Djibouti were spreading the love last month when they organised a donation drive. To show their support, the BMMI Djibouti team gathered non-perishable items such as rice and tea. Even under the harsh sun, they were determined to help with […]

BMMI Djibouti: a star team!

Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting the BMMI Djibouti team. They consider themselves a ‘family’ and operate through a set of shared values that are fundamental to everything they do. Leading this team is Country Manager, David Hanse. David is an enthusiastic and passionate leader. Our colleagues are a group of […]

Success on an international level by Olivier Fricot

Olivier Fricot’s career is an example of how opportunities, hard work, humility and curiosity can come together to create exciting results. The Mauritian and French national’s career path has been continuously preparing him to take on the role he currently holds, Global Sourcing & Supply’s Vice President – Africa, where he is in charge of […]

Meet the team: GSS Bahrain

Nestled in a cosy corner on the first floor of our BMMI Bahrain Headquarters is a group of individuals frantically following up, typing away and making phone calls to ensure that deadlines are met, clients are happy and contracts are signed. We know they work hard, but what do we really know about the GSS […]

Yousif Salem visits Ghana

Following his successful visit to some of our African operations last year, Bahrain-based Yousif Salem, IT Network Administrator, recently flew down to GSS Ghana for another IT support visit! Last September and October, Yousif visited BMMI Djibouti and GSS Ghana for the first time. This time around, Yousif visited to support GSS Ghana’s move into […]

GSS Bahrain Customer Service team awarded!

Last month, we shared with you what an amazing job the GSS Bahrain Customer Service team did when they mobilised an entire project in 18 days, without a glitch! The team’s amazing display of team spirit was recently recognised by much-deserved Winning Hearts awards! Charles Swamy, GSS Sales Manager, presented the awards to Rumesh, Dipesh, […]

BMMI Djibouti receives two US Ambassadors

BMMI Djibouti’s warehouse in the Free Zone was recently visited by a VIP delegation from the US Embassy and USAID. Their visit, which coincided with a trip to Djibouti by our CFO & EVP, Ammar Aqeel Al Hassan, and our Young Leaders Programme (YLP) trainee, Yousif Amin, was meant to give them a first-hand and […]

GSS mobilises NEX project in an incredible 11 days!

When the GSS Bahrain team galvanises around a project, they are truly unstoppable – no matter what the odds are! The team recently proved that determination, hard work, excellence and team spirit really do pay off when they won the bid for NEX (Navy Exchange). NEX is the family supermarket within the Navy Base in […]

BMMI Djibouti: people & quality at the heart of business

A lot has changed in BMMI Djibouti since it started operating over ten years ago. It was BMMI Group’s first foray into Africa, and a little over a decade later, BMMI Djibouti has proven to be a successful business with a solid reputation for quality and excellent levels of service. Over the past two and […]

Our women in the spotlight: Catherine Sowu

Catherine Sowu is the HR Manager in GSS Ghana. She joined the company in May 2014. Below she shares a few words about her experience at GSS, as well as advice to all women. Before joining BMMI formally in May 2014, I assisted informally with matters regarding statutory requirements, regarding personnel and expat resettlement from […]

GSS Bahrain donates stock to Sitra canteen

With a number of our operations heavily involved in the food industry, the issue of waste is especially relevant to our business, as you might have learned in our previous article: ‘combating food waste’. This year, the CSR team is committed to profiling and targeting the most wasted food items in its supermarkets by category […]

Indaba in Bahrain

During the end of last month some of our colleagues from across borders paid us a welcome visit to our operations in Bahrain for the annual Indaba meeting. This Indaba focused around a series of meetings, as well as team building activities, delivering happiness and motivation workshops and discussions with Finance, HR and IT, as […]

A milestone for GSS Sudan

‘While working in African countries, one of the hardest challenges you can face is to implement HSE policies and regulations upon international standards’ says Hatem Nassif, HSE Manager, GSS Sudan. Remarkably, GSS Sudan is celebrating its second year without any LTI’s (loss time injury). GSS Sudan has more than 450 employees in 11 remote sites. […]

Indaba in Bahrain

Our overseas country managers paid us a welcome visit recently for the annual Indaba meeting to focus on strategic planning for 2020 and promote the continued collaboration and communication between all our African operations, and the Bahrain HQ. The country managers hopped on a plane to Bahrain for the weeklong session of full day meetings […]

Winning Hearts in Ghana

Two of your colleagues in Ghana have won the hearts of their team and have received awards to acknowledge their hard work. John Eshun, GSS Ghana’s Data Controller was one of the employees rewarded for all his hard work towards ensuring that all remote sites are kept updated on their Vision Training and input. Elisha […]

GSS Sudan wins a contract!

The GSS Sudan team has put their sweat, determination and hard effort into their work over the past six months to ensure they secured a contract with a cement management company. After long meetings and endless amounts of time following up, we are proud to inform you that GSS Sudan is now in partnership with […]

Tan in Ghana!

Last month, our very own Performance Management & Employee Relations Manager, Tanweer Rahimun, made a visit to our OCIMS-Tema site in Ghana as the final stop on the HR Roadshow. Whilst there, Tan also managed to hold an induction session for all the new employees, as well as offer the managers a crash course on […]

GSS Ghana passes Stage 2 audits!

The IMS team is proud to announce that they have successfully completed the Stage 2 audit for GSS Ghana with no major or minor non-conformities reported! There has been immense enthusiasm and support shown by the GSS Ghana team and among BMMI’s businesses in Africa. GSS Ghana is the second BMMI operation in Africa to be […]

Our colleagues have some fun!

Our colleagues from across borders joined in on some fun over the weekend with BMMI Bahrain employees, thanks to the Sports & Social Committee! Everyone got their competitive shoes ready for a fun game of bowling at Sitra Mall, where they also had the opportunity to play billiards and snooker. If you want to join […]

Vision 2000 training

Our colleagues from across borders have made a visit to our BMMI Sitra HQ! Ten employees from our overseas Finance and Logistics departments attended an intensive training on the Vision 2000 application, which is a comprehensive financial accounting and management information system. The weeklong training aimed to make key employees familiar with the finance and […]

Celebrating 10 year of service at Coula oilfield

Celebrating 10 years of service at Coula oilfield

Recently, the oilfield Coula operated by Exterran, in partnership with Shell, celebrated 10 years of drilling, in addition to the provision of life support by the GSS team, which has been present since the beginning of the drilling operation.